Jonesing for Jiaozi

As I mentioned in a blog post last year, one of Tian’s family traditions is making or at least eating “jiaozi” (known as “dumplings” in the US) before anyone leaves on a big trip.  Well if any activity fit perfectly on the agenda for our last day together, this was it.

Tian’s dad and mom took the lead and prepared the filling and the dough.  Along the way they demonstrated what to do to my family and even let them try it.  The real fun began though when it came to wrapping the dumplings.  Everyone got their hands dirty and gave it a try.  While I don’t think we’ll be offered jobs at jiaozi restaurants anytime soon, our final products did turn out just fine and were a great lunch.

Prep in the Kitchen.

Everyone got their hands dirty.

Wrap it up.

Aspiring Jiaozi Model

The final product, ready for boiling.


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  1. A great family tradition!

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