After the entrance song, our facilitator Chris took over and formally welcomed everyone to the ceremony.  As mentioned earlier, it was important to us that our wedding ceremony be in both English and Chinese.  So we were very happy that Chris, who is originally from Minnesota, agreed to do us the honor of facilitating the ceremony. Chris’ family connections to China run deep, and he has been speaking Chinese for decades.  He was perfect for the role.

Chris welcomed everyone to the ceremony.

ENGLISH:  “Dear family and friends, on behalf of Wang Tian and Jeff Ochs, I want to welcome all of you to this marriage ceremony. We are here today to celebrate and support the promise that these two people, Tian and Jeff, are making to each other.  We are happy to share in the joy that they are feeling as they pledge their love and commit to spend their lives together.”

CHINESE: “亲爱的家人和朋友,我代表王甜和Jeff Ochs欢迎你们来参加这个特殊的婚礼。今天我们在此庆祝和支持王甜和Jeff互相所许下的承诺。在他们许诺爱和共同度过生活的同时,我们很高兴能够分享他们二人的喜悦。”

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