At The Park

The dance and reception was held at The Park Restaurant only a few blocks from dinner and our courtyard hotel.  We were lucky to land it. We were grateful that our friend Chris (the wedding facilitator) knows the owners and introduced us.  Besides giving us a good rate on beer, soft drinks, and snack food (we had an open bar), they also helped us find a great DJ for the dance.

The Park Restaurant

The space at the restaurant was perfect for the size of our group. The small dance floor was centrally located near the bar, and it opened right out onto a small patio with outdoor seating, which was great for relaxing between songs and conversing.  Upstairs there was seating and a serving area for food.  The decor was fun and informal, a nice contrast to the elegance of the ceremony and dinner.  It set a wonderful tone for the dance party.

The Patio

Seating above the dance floor. Here my aunt and uncle show Tian's family what Chinese they know.

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