Readings Introduction

After his welcome, everyone sat down and Chris introduced the readings:

ENGLISH:  “As we prepared for today, Tian and Jeff talked with me about how they want their life together to be based, not solely on American culture and not solely on Chinese culture, but rather on a special and unique blend of both.  So when deciding which words of inspiration to have read here today, they felt that it was important to hear from both American and Chinese traditions.  In this spirit, they have chosen two readings, which you will now hear read in their original languages.  You can find the translations of these readings in your programs.”

CHINESE:  在准备这次婚礼的时候,王甜和Jeff谈了很多关于他们的生活基础。他们的生活不只是以美国文化为基础的,也不只是中国文化,而更是两种文化的特殊的结合。所以当决定在婚礼读什么有启发的文字时,他们觉得源于各自的文化很重要。在这种情况下,你们将听到他们选择的自己语言的诗句。在你们的节目单里可以找到翻译。

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