Photographers In Phocus

I want to give you a quick note about all of the photography you are about to see.  We were fortunate to have two skilled photographers working together to shoot the wedding evening.  Jenny, our American friend who joined us for the entire week, was our primary photographer.  The second was a Chinese friend, whose English name is Watson.  We are so grateful to both of them for their role in capturing memories of that special night.



If you see two different styles of photos in the entries it is because Jenny and Watson were shooting with different techniques.  Most of the time, Jenny was shooting without a flash, which was harder to do given the lighting but also gave her pictures the truer colors.  Watson shot with a flash and another type of special filter, which gave his pictures a crisper and special artistic feeling.  An example of both styles can already be seen in the “Countdown” entry.  Numbers 10-3 were from Jenny, and 2-1 were from Watson.

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