Mike's Toast

After my dad and brother Dan gave their toasts, we encouraged Mike to get up on stage and say a few words.  And he did!  Mike had been studying some basic Chinese and decided that he would say a quick welcome to Tian and her family and then just have some fun telling them all of the weird words that Tian had taught him.  Chris translated. His speech went off very well, and everyone was really impressed.

Mike delivered a wonderful impromptu speech.

After the speech, Mike took a short cut and stepped off the front of the stage rather than go around the back.  He miscalculated the step down and he fell.  He hit his knee on the impact (there is something about Ochs men and their knees), and it really hurt. Everyone rushed forward to see what was wrong and to offer help. It was a slight buzz kill, but it also presented an opportunity for family togetherness.  Regardless, it will definitely be one of those wedding night stories we never forget.

Watch your step!

It was a family moment.

Mike made it through the rest of dinner and the performances with ice on his elevated knee and using the special Chinese spray that I had used on my knee last fall.  Then he and my mom decided that he didn’t need to go to the hospital.  By the end of the night, he was dancing it up with the rest of us, and the next day all was back to normal.  We were especially thankful it wasn’t more serious because it could have derailed the rest of our family’s trip after Beijing.

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