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Rather than just jump right into posting all sorts of pictures of our wedding ceremony, I thought I would first take a minute to give you an overview of the entire program.  Also, I’d like to give you a sense of the wonderful ceremony space and intimate seating arrangements we were fortunate to use.

Our programs displayed the "Double Happiness" symbol and also wished "100 Years of Happiness Together."

Inside the program, we provided an outline of the ceremony as well as translations of various readings, which I will provide later.  The ceremony went as follows:

Our Wedding Ceremony

Building the program together was a special experience for Tian and me.  We spent a lot of time picking the readings, researching and choosing vows, designing a unique unity candle ceremony, and finding the right music.

Given the two languages of our families and guests, we asked a friend of ours who can speak both Chinese and English to facilitate the ceremony, and we also the translated each part of the script into both Chinese and English.  All the customization of these details took time and energy, but it was well worth it, especially as we look back on everything now.

Each guest received a program, candle, and noisemaker.

Guests were seated in a semi-circle pattern around the stage.



  1. piaoliang.

  2. Anne Petersen · ·

    Finally! A satisfying peek at all the festivities and the beautiful bride and handsome groom on their wedding day! It was worth the wait!
    A sincere wish for 100 happy years together, and I am sure that others feel as gratified that you took the time to document it all so the viewers at home could experience it vicariously. Thanks to Jenny and Watson for all the great photos, and enjoy a markedly more relaxed fall semester!

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