In This Heart

In college, I had the opportunity to go down to Carleton College for a weekend to hang out with a friend of mine.  That weekend, a female a cappella group called “The Accidentals” performed a concert, and we went.  It was a wonderful concert, and the music was so good that I was compelled to do something I normally didn’t do…I bought their CD.  It quickly became one of my favorite CD’s.

One song on their CD always touched me when I heard it.  That song was an arrangement of Sinead O’Connor’s “In This Heart.”  It was a simple melody with a powerful message of love.  I enjoyed singing it to myself.  When Tian and I started dating, she heard me singing it, and it became a fun little song that I often hummed or sang to her.

For the processional, I sang to Tian a variation of "In This Heart" by Sinead O'Connor.

This spring after contemplating different options for wedding processional music, we decided on my singing “In This Heart” for a few reasons.  First, as a longtime choral singer, I really liked the idea of singing personally to Tian on our wedding day.  Second, this song had a great message and would fit perfectly with the idea of calling Tian out to the stage.  Third, it was a fun part of our history.  Fourth, my performing it would be fairly simple to work out logistically for the ceremony.

Once we picked the song, we still had some work ahead of us.  We decided to omit a couple of the original verses to shorten it and focus the message even more.  Then we decided to write our own verse in Chinese, which would make the song more inclusive to the guests who spoke Chinese.  Finally, we did some basic blocking to accompany the song, so that Tian’s entrance on stage would have the impact it deserved.  In the end, everything went very well, and we couldn’t have been happier with the result.

Here are the lyrics that I sang.  Again, the Chinese verse was our addition.  When you read the English translation of the third verse, if it appears a bit elementary in construction, it’s because I wrote most of them; Tian just cleaned them up so I would be understood.

In this heart lies for you
A lark born only for you
Who sings only to you
My love, my love, my love.

I am waiting for you
For only to adore you
My heart is for you
My love, my love, my love.

Wo wei ni lai zhong guo
Fen xiang xing fu de sheng huo
Gei ni wo de cheng nuo.
Wo ai, wo ai, wo ai ni.

(I for you came to China
To share a happy life
To give you my promise.
I love, I love, I love you.)

I will have you with me
In my arms only
for you are only
My love, my love, my love.

After letting the moment sink in, I sang the first two verses as Tian waited behind stage.

On the third verse, Tian came out as I sang to her in Chinese.

We were arm in arm for the last verse.

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