Hair & Makeup

After getting the flowers, the ladies (Tian, her mom, my mom, her best friend, and Jenny) headed out to a special salon that would do Tian’s makeup and hair for the wedding ceremony.

Like the flowers, the hair and makeup experience was not without a little last minute stress and uncertainty.  The first salon that Tian had reserved a few weeks earlier called her the day before the ceremony and told her that they in fact could not style her because they had to do a training.  That sent her out at the last minute looking for other alternatives.  Fortunately Tian found this new one, and the stylists ended up doing a fantastic job.  They also created a fun and memorable experience for her entourage.

I'm happy I asked for her hand.

I hope that lipstick is kissable. That's sorta important.

My mom has always wanted a daughter to do hair with.

Tian's mom was behind her the whole way.

So was Tian's best friend, Wang Jing.

Never a dull moment.

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