Flower Arrangements

It may come as a surprise to learn that we still had not ordered flowers until the morning of the wedding.  While the women (Tian, my mom, her mom, her best friend, and Jenny) had visited the flower shop once before and had plenty of ideas, they still had not ordered everything until mid-morning on the day of our wedding.  No problem at all though, the florist arranged all the flowers on the spot and the group was back by lunch time.

The order included two arrangements.  The first was Tian’s bouquet, and this was a fairly straightforward process as the florist had experience and knew exactly what to do.  They kept the design basic yet beautiful to avoid detracting from her elaborate dress.  It turned out wonderfully.

Tian with bouquet at the florist.

Tian with bouquet at the ceremony.

The second arrangement was a boutonniere for me, and this presented more challenges.  First, the florist had never made one before.  So my mom had to explain it through Tian, and then the group had to provide ideas and feedback as she made it.  Second, the florist did not have any pins, so my mom had to improvise with some safety pins.  I was proud of her for explaining an unfamiliar western concept to a Chinese vendor, and it gave her a window into some of the experiences we had when planning aspects of the week.  And while the boutonniere later fell apart before formal pictures that afternoon, we all still considered the experience a good one.

Making the boutonniere.

Tian's mom gives input.

They left smiling and with a few roses to try in Tian's hair.

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