Amazingly it took the small army of servers and staff at the restaurant only about 15 minutes to set-up the dining room for dinner, and it looked gorgeous.  The timing was perfect as well because right as we were finishing with the champagne, people were able to be seated for dinner.

Time For Dinner!

Nei Fu Cai is a famous restaurant known for its imperial style cuisine and flavorful tea.  Over dinner, we got a true taste of both. In fact, “taste” is an understatement because the experience can be described as nothing less than a feast.  Each table sat about six guests and each table had over 20 delicious dishes to share and plenty of wine, beer, tea, and soda to drink.

Here are pictures of a few of the dishes.  They should give you an idea of the elegance, flavor, and abundance of dinner.  It was truly spectacular, filling, and luxurious.

Tender steak served with a special Wu Yu Tai tea.

Asparagus wrapped in bacon.

Hong Xiao Rou, Mao Ze Dong's favorite dish.


Pecans, Cold Green Tea Cubes, and Tea Mushrooms

Pecans, Cooled Green Tea Cubes, and Tea Mushrooms


The food looked even better together on the table.

Guests left remarking about the incredible amount of food that just kept coming.  They expressed regret that every time a dish came they couldn’t pack more in.  In some cases guests could just squeeze in one small taste of a dish.  We smiled and felt satisfied, as that is exactly how the Chinese like to throw a dinner party.

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