Badaling Badaboom

On Tuesday morning, the group slept in a little later then set out for a day trip to the Great Wall.  We chose the Badaling section of the wall because it was the closest and also the easiest to get a group of our size to.  Additionally we had heard that another section was under some construction.

As I mentioned, getting to the wall was fairly convenient for us. Public buses leave every 5 minutes from a central station in Beijing, and they are fairly cheap if you have a local transportation card. All of us got on the same bus, and while the trip took a little longer than normal because of traffic, it was a fun time.

We spent about 3 hours on the wall.  It was an extremely hot and humid day, and we definitely sweat off any excess weight we may have gained from earlier big dinners.  It was also very crowded, as August is peak tourist season.  Despite this, everyone enjoyed being on top of one of the most iconic and celebrated structures in China.

August brings crowds of tourists to the Great Wall.

Getting a group shot took some patience and discrete crowd control.

Umbrellas were common for shielding the sun.

The landscape around the wall is dramatic.

Breakthrough Moment!

Further up the wall the crowds thinned out allowing for more creative pictures like this one.

Near the least as far as we could go that day.

At the end of the day, we had to wait in a long but also fast-moving line to catch a bus back to Beijing.  To pass the time, some group members hacked it up.  It was perhaps the most spectated hacky sack game of their careers.  Despite the extra pressure that accompanied the international presence, their performance didn’t suffer…much.

Hacky Dance.

The eyes say it all.

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