Tai Chi Training

On Monday morning, after a leisurely breakfast, we all made our way to the roof of the hotel and took turns learning Tai Chi, which is the internal martial art that doubles as an exercise routine performed by many older Chinese people today.

We found the instructor for the lesson through my tutoring students, who had also taken Tian on a veritable shopping spree at their clothing store earlier this summer.  Tian contacted the woman, who has been practicing and teaching Tai Chi for years, and she even agreed to bring a partner.  Over two hours time, our two instructors did their best to introduce the basics to our respectful but certainly playful group of foreigners.  It was informative and a lot of fun.

It took a while for everyone to "master" the resting position.

Tian's parents learned along with the rest of us.

Don't forget to breathe.

Say what you want about technique, she looks great.

Take it very very slow.

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