Karaoke TV

After a fun day of separate activity, the men and the women all ended the evening partying together.  We met at a big KTV (shorthand for “Karaoke TV”) spot and packed into the private party room to sing our hearts out to both American and Chinese songs.

While everyone stayed out pretty late, the younger generation stayed past closing, even serenading the shy server whose job it was to get us to leave, so we could get an extra song.   Still excited, we took the show to the street, obnoxiously but cheerfully belting out all sorts of favorites on the 20 minute walk home.  It was a great memory.

Tian's parents sang several Chinese songs.

She is the "Dancing Queen."

Tian and I sang a Chinese duet together.

Brother and sister.

Pat brought his air guitar all the way from the US.

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