Jian Bing Cookoff

Readers of my blog (all 25 of you) know from previous posts how much we are fans of “jian bing,” the Chinese pancake street snack. Well as soon as we started planning the wedding last fall, we knew we had to introduce all of our guests to “jian bing” as well.  I even dreamed of having a street vendor actually come and teach us how to make it.

Who says dreams can’t come true?  This one definitely did.  After Tai Chi, we had a neighborhood “jian bing” vendor bring over all of her materials to our courtyard.  They did one or two demonstration pancakes and then allowed everyone in the group to make their own.  It was no easy task considering all the steps.  But what made it even more difficult was the playful heckling the cook received in front of the entire group.  In fact, things got so crazy that some of the neighbors of the hotel walked over wanting to know the reason for all the noise.

I am very excited to show through family pictures the steps of making a “Jian Bing:”

Step 1: Center yourself.

Step 2: Pour the batter and spread it thinly and evenly.

Step 3: Crack an egg and spread it on the pancake.

Step 4: Confidently (yet carefully) flip the pancake.

Step 5: Assuming a successful flip, celebrate!

Step 6: Paint on the sauce and add seasoning.

Step 7: Add crispy cracker.

Step 8: Fold with care.

Final Step: Consume!

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