Girls Will Be Girls

While the guys were off biking around the city, the ladies took taxis to begin a fun afternoon of pampering.  They started at a well-known traditional tea house where a woman gave them a demonstration of a formal tea ceremony.  They also sampled different types of tea.  As they sipped the various flavors, they gave Tian gifts and also played a classic American bachelorette game, which my aunt and mom had helped organize.

The group was impressed by the care taken in a formal tea ceremony.

All together now.

After tea, the women traveled together to the same foot massage place that the guys had gone to earlier.  Again, it was the perfect setting for a large and social group.   Once their feet were tingling with delight, the women went to a special Chinese vegetarian restaurant then proceeded to KTV and got the singing party started.

Now would probably be a good time to ask for a favor.

I looked up "relaxed" in the dictionary and found this picture.

Mary was so thankful she wanted to reciprocate. The masseuse didn't know what to think.

The Bride

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