Boys Will Be Boys

Dan planned quite an afternoon for the Bachelor Party.  Things got started in the hotel when he gave all the guys a party package complete with a crazy Chinglish t-shirt, freakish white masks, aviator sunglasses, an engraved souvenir flask, noise makers, and lots of flashing light pins.  Mine also had a special poncho turned cape that said “Groom” in Chinese.  The goal, as he explained it, was to draw as much public attention as possible to our group, and specifically to me, as the afternoon progressed.

We gave my dad an "I heart China" shirt and a vuvuzela. My yellow cape says "groom" in Chinese.

Tian's dad got an American t-shirt, which he sported with pride.

Three brothers. At 13, Mike gets the award for youngest guy to attend a Bachelor Party.

The first adventure of the day was to take taxis to a bike rental shop, where we all got our own bike.  Each bike was equipped with two bells to maximum noise potential and also a basket for carrying gear.  The bikes were at the same time both our primary mode of transportation for the entire party and an exciting activity in and of themselves.  Also, given the fact that we had a group of about 12 guys (mostly foreign) each with his own sets of bells, we drew lots of attention, cheers, and surprised looks from pedestrians and other drivers.

Mike was a noise making machine!

Our second stop was to an ice-cream parlor near Ho Hai.  But this was no ordinary ice cream shop; everything inside was meant to resemble a restroom experience.  From the toilets for seats to the serving bowls resembling toilet bowls, they really knew how to take care of business.  We were excited to patronize the place, especially because irreverent brands/themes of this sort can struggle in China and still aren’t common.

Gives new meaning to ordering a "Number 2."

After getting ice cream, the guys biked about a half hour to a foot massage parlor.  We booked this place because they had a room big enough to accommodate all 12 of us at the same time.  It also offered an hour-long massage for a great price, and we even got a nice group discount.  Right next door to the foot massage place was a pool hall, and we stopped there next.

After biking, massages were the perfect activity.

Mike also probably gets the award for youngest guy to get a massage.

I couldn't imagine a better picture. Good work Watson!

The pictures make us look better at pool than we really are.

See what I mean?

After pool, the guys bike about 15 minutes to a great restaurant.  We had a delicious dinner, and thanks again to Watson’s interpreting, we had fun conversation as well.  Some of the American guys joked that when they came to China, they knew that if they could get through this day without getting arrested, they would be in the clear.  The good news is that everyone did!

After dinner, we biked back to the hotel and dropped our bikes off.  Then we took the subway to meet up with the ladies for an all-group Karaoke/KTV party.  It was an amazing and memorable bachelor party experience!  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Of course on the subway we wore our masks. It drew weird looks but fortunately no cops.

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