Si Ban Qiao!

After our first courtyard hotel fell through, we were worried we wouldn’t be able to find another one.

Luckily we quickly found Si Ban Qiao, which ended up being an even better fit!  Unlike the other hotel, Si Ban Qiao took guests all year round and was much more professionally organized.  It also had more space to accommodate our group, and they were supportive of all of our ideas for activities.  Much to our appreciation, as the sticker price was a bit scary, they gave us a great group rate as well.  Finally, as you’ll see from all the pictures of the hotel below, it is a gorgeous place.

For all these reasons, we had no reservations about making all 102 of our room reservations (the total number for all our guests for all the days) with them.  If you ever travel to Beijing, we highly recommend it as a place to stay.

A view of the front entryway and courtyard taken from the roof.

More of the courtyard.

Once inside, covered walkways sheltered you as you walked around the courtyard to your room.

A beautiful hallway to additional rooms.

The rooms were beautifully and traditionally decorated.

An outside view of the common living and dining room.

Inside the dining room. Wood ceilings to antique furniture, it was all traditional China.

The living room opposite the dining room.

The rooftop was also set up for guests to hang out on.

The entry point to the roof was either out of The Hobbit or Being John Malkovich.

Good advice as you are exiting the roof.

We knew it would be a great week when the hotel staff planted a special heart-shaped flower arrangement just for us.

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