Noodles Around

Coming off of a long trip and with a full day of beating jet lag ahead, our guests needed a good breakfast.  As always on the trip, we wanted to use the opportunity to introduce them to something very Chinese.  So of course we decided on “Re Gan Mian,” the same hot dry noodles made famous on this blog.

Throughout the week before the wedding, Tian and Dan had been scouring the city for restaurants that could make “Re Gan Mian” for us, but it was very difficult given that it is a local specialty of Wuhan.  However, with only a few days to go, Dan found a great spot not too far from the hotel.

Dan, Tian, my cousin Pat, and my brother Michael volunteered to make the noodle run. Heroes all!

The noodles were a hit.

Had to do it.

First things first.

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