Monthly Archives: August 2010

Footwear & Tear – Part 2

When Dan got to Beijing this May we started an unofficial experiment to see how his white shoes would hold up after 2.5 months of hard traveling in China.  Here are the shoes before and after.  They definitely are showing the stress. Dan headed home after winning the “Longest Family Member in China for Our […]

Drinks At Temple

From the title of my blog, you may guess that “Temple” is the irreverent name of a new bar we visited.  Even better.  We actually went to a real buddhist temple for some drinks.  First we had tea and then later, with dinner, we drank “Shao Xing Huang Jiu” a specialty alcohol from the city […]

Ku Gua

During the week before our wedding this summer, Dan earned the admiration of Tian’s mom and dad because of his ability to find all types of random things on his own in the city using Chinese.  One day, he chased down gifts for the bachelor party and even got them engraved. Perhaps the most random […]

Familiar Faces

On our last night in Shanghai, we met back up with my parents, brother, aunts, and uncles who had finished their own China tour. The next day there were leaving early for the airport, so we decided to do one last big celebratory dinner together.  We also met up with two of Tian’s roommates from […]

Shanghai Skyline

On our last day in Shanghai we walked through the Pudong district, which is the central one downtown.  We also took the ferry across the river and went up 88 floors to see a birds eye view of the city.

Shanghai Expo

Our first day in Shanghai, we went to the World Expo.  It was fun to see it, but we all were a bit underwhelmed.  While the pavilion outsides were generally architecturally interesting, the exhibits mostly felt superficial.  As Pat said so well, it felt like we were walking around a  7th grade social studies fair, […]

Better Make It Fast

After riding the slow train in the hard seats from Xian to Suzhou, we were relieved to have the opportunity to take one of China’s famous new bullet trains from Suzhou to Shanghai.  It was the complete opposite experience – convenient, clean, spacious, and fast. Did I mention they were fast?  It took us only […]