From 10,000 Feet

Before I delve into sharing the fun and excitement of our entire wedding week’s worth of events, I think it’s valuable to provide a 10,000-foot view of our plan to show how everything fit together.  That way if you can’t see the forest for the trees during the next gazillion or so blog entries and pictures, you can revisit this one and get re-oriented!

So first, here is a list of people from my side of the family who made it to Beijing for the week:

  • My mom, dad, and two brothers
  • Two aunts, two uncles, and a cousin on my mom’s side
  • Three aunts, two uncles, and two cousins on my dad’s side
  • Three personal friends (one of whom did all of our photography!)

Tian's parents had a lot of names to remember, so we made them a simplified family tree complete with pictures of family and Chinese phonetics for names. This is an English version.

On Tian’s side, things were a little more complex with people coming and going.  Joining us at the hotel were her parents and her best friend.  Then she had her two sets of aunts, uncles, and cousins living in Beijing.  During the week of sightseeing, Tian’s extended family had to work, so it was mostly the American crew gallivanting around with us, Tian’s parents, and her best friend.  The rest of Tian’s family and local friends joined us for our actual wedding day’s events.

Next, I’ll provide a day-by-day view of the actual itinerary as it happened.  That way you can see how all of the big events fit together.

Everything took lots of coordination, but Tian and I truly enjoyed the opportunity to host so many family and friends!

Saturday, July 31

  • Check-In at Hotel
  • Summer Palace
  • Group Dinner (Dai Ethnic Food)

Sunday, August 1

  • Late Breakfast (Re Gan Mian)
  • Language Activity:  Pick Chinese Names & Introductions
  • Tiananmen Square
  • Forbidden City
  • Wangfujing Street
  • Catholic Mass at Chinese Church
  • Group Dinner (Peking Duck)

Monday, August 2

  • Tai Chi Lesson
  • Jian Bing (Chinese Pancake) Lesson
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Party & Dinner
  • All Group Karaoke/KTV

Tuesday, August 3

  • Great Wall
  • Dinner (Hot Pot)

Wednesday, August 4

  • Ceremony Rehearsal
  • Free Day
  • Dinner (Chuan a.k.a BBQ Skewers)

Thursday, August 5

  • Prep, Flowers, Hair, Makeup
  • Formal Pictures
  • Ceremony
  • Reception Line & Champagne
  • Dinner
  • Performances
  • Dance Party

Friday, August 6

  • Calligraphy Lesson
  • Jiaozi (Dumplings) Lesson
  • Silk Market Trip
  • Group Dinner (Yunan Specialties)
  • Chinese Lanterns
  • Ho Hai

Saturday, August 7

  • Goodbyes
  • Check-out of Hotel
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