We Aim to Pease!

The Pease family –  my aunt, uncle, and one of my two Pease cousins – were the first guests to arrive in Beijing.  They had booked an extra tour of China for the week before our wedding, and they started from Beijing.  So we met up with them one night before they left on their trip and celebrated Andrea’s birthday over dinner and dessert.  We hadn’t seen them in person in nearly 1.5 years, so it was extra fun to catch up in a small group setting before the big week.

Tian, Dan, and I with our cousin Amy.

We went for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. We knew it would be adventurous, but we didn't expect to see this on the menu. Hmmm...only 29Y a serving.

We had a great meal and great time.

Despite her commitment to chopsticks, the server brought Andrea a fork during dinner. Thus a new phrase was coined, "to get the fork." It jokingly applies when a Chinese person goes out of their way to accommodate a foreigner without it being desired, implying some type of "culture fail" on the part of the foreigner.

We indulged ourselves for dessert and tried 6 different types of cakes. What better way to celebrate birth than with an overdose of sugary goodness?



  1. A birthday in Beijing! Doesn’t get much better than that – plus sharing it with family.

  2. Sheila Ochs · ·

    Love the blog title. Fun to see these pictures. Andrea, you don’t look a day over 60.

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