New Digs: Part 2

From the entry way, take the door to the right to get to our bedrooms and the bathroom.

The main bedroom.

Unlike last year, our second bedroom actually has a real bed and real closets. It also has a panda bear.

The bathroom door depicts the tropical paradise that awaits inside.

The bathroom functions pretty much the same as our last one, but the tiles stay on the walls here. We will miss our old heat lamp this winter though.


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  1. Anne Petersen · ·

    Ugh! Terrible bathrooms! What is up with the shower sticking out of the wall with no curtain or tub or drain? And the pail is under the shower head presumably to catch the leaks? If I were you, I would invest now in a home remodeling business, and bring real showers to China. You would be zillionaires within a year!

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