New Digs: Part 1

Our new apartment is in the same complex as our last one.  We really like our location because it is close to both of our schools and because there are a lot of restaurants, grocery stores, and other entertainment nearby.  It’s also close to the part-time jobs that I hold on some evenings and weekends.  Being near our first apartment also meant that we could move into our apartment little by little this summer without having to hire a mover.

Without further ado, here’s a quick tour of our new apartment:

The entry way. The door to the left is the kitchen. Straight ahead is the living room. To the right are the two bedrooms and bathroom.

The kitchen is smaller than our old one but much better. The best part is that there are no pipes in the cabinets!

The left side of our kitchen.

Last year, our kitchen window looked into the second bedroom. This year, we look right into our neighbor's kitchen (and through their extra storage space).

The view from the opposite side of the large living room. The walls are painted classic Chinese white.

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