Reception Inception

To us, summer 2010 may forever be known as “wedding summer.”  From Dan’s arrival in May through end of August, we have been and will continue to be partying, planning, and paper-working (yes, it’s now a verb) all summer long.

The first big reception of the summer was on June 26 in Xiaogan.  As mentioned in the last post, Tian’s parents had invited nearly 100 friends and family, some of whom came from out of town, to help celebrate.  They reserved a nice banquet hall for lunch.

While there were some similarities, the event was not planned to be like a typical Chinese wedding reception, since it was only Tian’s side of the family in attendance.  For example, there was no emcee making jokes and slideshow of pictures, and we did not dress in formal tux and qipao.  However, we did incorporate some Chinese traditions including fireworks, speeches, and plenty of toasting.  Here are some pictures from that afternoon.

That morning, Tian and her mom went to get hair and makeup done for the party.

Keeping with tradition, Tian's dad set off a huge string of fireworks before going to the reception.

A quick family picture before heading into the restaurant.

Tian's dad wrote and gave a nice speech. I followed up with an attempt - in Chinese - of my own. The crowd's favorite line was "Chi hao! He hao!" (Eat well! Drink well!). My mother-in-law told me that would be a winner. She's now my official speech writer.

Dan played the important role of "dai biao" or "representative" when it came to toasting guests with baijiu.

A lot of Tian's friends and former classmates made it to Xiaogan too. Overall, it was a very memorable afternoon.

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