Life Takes Visas #1

The first post of the “Life Takes Visas” series is posted in July 2010. Although we would not begin the formal immigrant visa application process until October 2010, Tian knew that she would later need a bunch of official documents that she could only get from her hometown.  So while we were in Wuhan getting officially married, she also made a bunch of other stops.

Here is a list of what Tian took care of this summer:

  1. Our Chinese Marriage Certificates
  2. Statement of Non-Criminal Record
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Translation and Notarization of Above
  5. Begin Process of Renewing Her Passport
  6. A couple other items, which defy easy description

While this list may seem fairly straightforward, actually getting each of these documents was quite the adventure.  It involved photos, signatures, multiple visits to offices, and money.  In the steaming furnace heat of Wuhan in the summer, bus rides, walking, and waiting in lines at offices got sweaty and took a lot of energy.

But it was worth the work.  Come fall we were really glad that Tian got all these documents while we were in Wuhan this summer because it would have been a huge ordeal to organize a similar trip during the school year.

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