Finding Our Way

On the morning of our official marriage, 6/22, we got up early and grabbed a quick breakfast.  I liked that it consisted of both the classic “re gan mian”  (one of our long-time favorites) and the tasty “mian wo”  (a new-to-us street snack).  If one wanted to look for symbolism, one could say it celebrated both our relationship as it has been and also pointed to the new things to come.  Or one could see it as just a delicious start to the day.

After breakfast, we took a bus to the neighborhood of the marriage department’s office building.  But once on the ground, it wasn’t that easy to find.  Tian had to stop and ask directions.  Along the way, we laughed at the fact that we traveled so far to get married in such a random and run-down neighborhood.

Finding the marriage office could be a relationship test. If you can find it together and still want to get married, then you're ready.

"Romance" was in the air. If by romance you mean "particulates" and "funky street scents."

After finding the right building, we took one last picture of us together as an engaged couple.

Thus we found our way to the marriage office!  Now begins finding our way through life together.

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