Monthly Archives: July 2010

Something In The Air

While our first guests were touring the summer palace, the second wave was airborne in the middle of their umpteen-hour-long flight from Minnesota to Beijing.  Coincidentally, my friend Jenny ended up on the same long flight as much of my family.  So you know what that means…let the candid photography begin! Advertisements

Summer Palace

A small group of my family and friends arrived in Beijing in the early morning on Saturday, July 31.  It was so awesome (and a bit surreal) to greet them later that morning when we too arrived at the hotel.  Here we all were in China! Determined to help them beat jet lag as fast […]

From 10,000 Feet

Before I delve into sharing the fun and excitement of our entire wedding week’s worth of events, I think it’s valuable to provide a 10,000-foot view of our plan to show how everything fit together.  That way if you can’t see the forest for the trees during the next gazillion or so blog entries and […]

We Aim to Pease!

The Pease family –  my aunt, uncle, and one of my two Pease cousins – were the first guests to arrive in Beijing.  They had booked an extra tour of China for the week before our wedding, and they started from Beijing.  So we met up with them one night before they left on their […]

Wedding Planners

As most of you know, the plan for celebrating our wedding is a bit unconventional due to the international nature of our marriage.  In fact, from beginning to end, it will probably take over a year to celebrate fully.  It started in June 2010 when we went down to Wuhan to get formally registered, and […]

New Digs: Outside

One of the things I like about our complex is that it has nice outdoor areas and green space.  It is the perfect place to eat your morning “jian bing” or people-watch after work.  Here’s a view from one of the windows nearby on our floor. This concludes the tour of our new apartment.  If […]

New Digs: Part 2

From the entry way, take the door to the right to get to our bedrooms and the bathroom.