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On Sunday night, Tian and I will be traveling to Wuhan to get our official marriage certificate.  We are expecting an exciting and somewhat complicated process, and of course we will write about it all when we get back.  In the meantime, we wanted to share with you one part of the story.

In order to get the official certificate in Wuhan, we need to bring three copies of an official wedding picture of us as a couple.  After doing a bunch of calling around, Tian found out with about 90% certainty that those pictures need to be taken with a solid red background and a 2 inch size (it surprised me that the size is given in inches not cm!).

The certificate picture is probably the most important picture that each of us has yet to take in our lives.  The reason is that a copy of it will be glued into each of our marriage certificate booklets, which obviously will stay with us the rest of our lives.  Not only is it significant to us, it will be viewed by everyone from bureaucrats to bankers, family and friends.

It took more time and energy than expected to take our marriage certificate photo. But we were quite happy with the result.

Because of its significance, we decided to try and take the picture here rather than on the road.  We are glad we did because it turned out to be more complicated than we thought…mostly because of the wardrobe.  After we realized that another set of clothes we planned to wear together for the August festivities would not work with a red background, we spent a good amount of time looking through our closet and coordinating our outfits.  We found a dress that Tian really liked, but nothing I had went with it or was formal enough.  So we decided to go out and buy me a white button down shirt.

An hour later, we returned home successfully and decided that we needed to bike rather than walk to the photo shop because it was too hot and too far to walk.  We didn’t want to be sweating profusely when we arrived for the picture.  The only problem with biking was that Tian was wearing a dress.  So she quickly problem solved that one by slipping on shorts and wearing the dress more as a top.  On the ride, we just made sure to avoid the fashion police.

When we arrived at the photo place, luck would have it that the power was out.  That meant no AC (it was hot and muggy inside) and it meant that we had to wait for the power to come back on to take the picture.  As the minutes ticked by with no change, we asked them if they could just try it with the natural light from the window, and they agreed.  We were not too optimistic about how it would turn out, but it actually looked really good.  We hope you agree.

This morning Tian picked up the pictures and also got the electronic file so that if the Wuhan office has a problem with the size (quite possible) we can just ask another photo shop in Wuhan to print it out using a different size.  At least that is our plan.  Hopefully things will work out!  If not, well you will get another blog entry.


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  1. This is a beautiful picture. You both look happy, glamorous, and calm, cool and collected, surprising given the circumstances of the picture-taking! Your adventure is amazing, what experiences you are sharing with each other and other people in your lives!! I am following your blog with such pleasure and sometimes even envy! The stories you will be able to tell. Tian, I’m sure that seeing things through Jeff’s eyes, gives you a new perspective on your country and Jeff, sharing this adventure with Tian allows you to see/experience so much more. You are both so lucky, to be remembered when there are difficult times!!

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