One of the attributes I most respect about Chinese people is that on an individual level, most of them have an intense “get the job done” attitude.  They work hard and are not afraid to take responsibility for completing day-to-day tasks that will improve their life no matter how unglamorous they are.

To a certain extent, I also admire their general willingness to accept more risk as they go through daily life.  It is not uncommon to see people engaged in regular (albeit somewhat dangerous) tasks without a lot of safeguards that Americans would insist upon.  For example, despite the crazy traffic conditions, no one here wears helmets when biking or motorcycling.

A man balancing outside his bedroom window nearly 11 floors above the street.

He was fixing something on the window frame. The only safety precaution was having someone there to hold his leg. The drill was also not connected to anything.

My admiration of the Chinese acceptance of risk taking was tested recently, however, when Dan and I saw a strange sight outside our apartment window.  Across the street a man was hanging out of his window to fix something with the frame with only someone’s hand to hold him steady.  Amazed and impressed as we were, both Dan and I concluded that was something we would never do.

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