DeYing for New Clothes

You may remember our Chinese friend Watson from one of my recent blog posts about Area 798.  We actually got to know him through his mother and father (their English names are Cherry and Kenny), whom I tutor in English each week.  When Dan came to town, they generously offered to take us out for dinner, and we had a great time. Since then, we have gotten to know them more and more as friends.

Tian outside one of Cherry & Kenny's clothing stores.

Cherry and Kenny started and run their own women’s clothing line called “DeYing.”  Cherry is the official head of the company, and she pays most attention to the design side of things.  Kenny does a lot more with the finances.  They both work very hard.  Now they have over 20 stores in Beijing and are starting to franchise out into other Chinese cities.

Once as we were talking about our plans for the summer, we mentioned that we were getting married, and the conversation quickly turned to clothes.  They encouraged us to come by their store and have Tian look through their collection with them personally.  They even offered us a significant discount on anything we liked.

Tian browsing part of their selection.

That was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.  So on Saturday we took a taxi to one of their stores and spent the better part of two hours with them.  We both LOVED the style of clothes, which are perfectly designed for Tian’s demographic.  Their unique design approach is to combine traditional and modern Chinese fashion elements, and they definitely do that successfully.  There was not anything in the store we did not like.

Tian and Kenny. This is one of the outfits she bought.

I had to get a picture with her too!

By the end of the two hours, Tian had found over 10 items.  She was most excited about a semi-formal dress that will be perfect for the reception dance after our wedding ceremony in August.  She also bought lots of things that will be easy to mix and match with other items, so there are even more possibilities awaiting.

Tian with Cherry and Kenny. We were so grateful for the opportunity.

Cherry and Kenny have visions of bringing their clothing line to foreign countries.  While we all agree there is good potential for that to be successful, they joked about how their name might be a problem.  The English pronunciation is very close to “Dying.”  But who knows, maybe a startling name like that could help, and to some people, the clothes might indeed be worth DeYing for.

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