Blind Massage

When Tian and I got to Beijing last fall, we were surprised to find a local massage place run and staffed by blind people.  But as we learned more it makes a lot of sense.  In China (as in other countries), if you are physically handicapped in anyway, it can be very difficult to make a living and get by day to day.  So this massage can provide a good professional opportunity as well as a community for the blind.

After a day of hiking on the wall, we took Dan and Fro to get a quick blind massage.  While there, they let us take this picture.   Tian stayed with Dan and Fro to help them communicate.

We stopped for a blind massage after hiking the wall.

After the massage, we walked to dinner at a local spicy restaurant.  While we waited for a table we played Chinese checkers and snacked on sweet popcorn and something similar to chex mix.

Group dinner.

Fighting over the last cashew. Not an easy feat with chopsticks.

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