411 on 798

On a recent Saturday, Dan, Tian, and I met up with our new Chinese friend (his English name is Watson) to tour a special artist area in Beijing known as 798.  The studios are all converted weapons factories from decades ago, which makes the trip interesting historically as well.

We had a lot of fun going around the different exhibits.  And as always, we appreciated the public art…perhaps a bit too much. Watson, who enjoys photography, took a bunch of fun shots, some of which I’ll post here.

Tian is captured by a scary yet friendly red monster. Let's call him "Passion."

At its best, art piques curiosity. Dan was feeling it.

A gang of workers tried to steal Tian's purse. I got it back eventually, but only after asking nicely.

Circle of Life? Dan joins a wolf pack.

Our friend Watson wrestling with his enemy, "Anger".

Bareback on a demon wolf. Just one of our many China adventures.

A group of men transporting a sculpture of a naked man caught by a scorpion. Definitely the oddest moment of the day.

What is this kid doing for penance?

Don't tell anyone about what you saw here...

...or we'll unleash her on you.

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