Monthly Archives: June 2010

Get The Picture?

On Sunday night, Tian and I will be traveling to Wuhan to get our official marriage certificate.  We are expecting an exciting and somewhat complicated process, and of course we will write about it all when we get back.  In the meantime, we wanted to share with you one part of the story. In order […]

Character Development

This week I passed a big milestone in my studying of Chinese.  I now “know” over 1,000 Chinese characters – 1,182 to be exact.  While I am not quite on pace to meet my goal of 2,000 by August 31, 2010 (which I set in September 2009), I should get close. Before you get too […]


One of the attributes I most respect about Chinese people is that on an individual level, most of them have an intense “get the job done” attitude.  They work hard and are not afraid to take responsibility for completing day-to-day tasks that will improve their life no matter how unglamorous they are. To a certain […]

DeYing for New Clothes

You may remember our Chinese friend Watson from one of my recent blog posts about Area 798.  We actually got to know him through his mother and father (their English names are Cherry and Kenny), whom I tutor in English each week.  When Dan came to town, they generously offered to take us out for […]

Blind Massage

When Tian and I got to Beijing last fall, we were surprised to find a local massage place run and staffed by blind people.  But as we learned more it makes a lot of sense.  In China (as in other countries), if you are physically handicapped in anyway, it can be very difficult to make […]

Hitting The Wall

Dan’s friend Derek (who everyone calls “Fro”) came into town last week and stayed with us for about three days before he and Dan took off on a trip to Tibet on Monday night.  We all had a fun time together. On Saturday, while Tian was working (another story), Dan, Fro, and I made our […]

411 on 798

On a recent Saturday, Dan, Tian, and I met up with our new Chinese friend (his English name is Watson) to tour a special artist area in Beijing known as 798.  The studios are all converted weapons factories from decades ago, which makes the trip interesting historically as well. We had a lot of fun […]