Middle Brother, Middle Seat

Dan, my middle brother, arrived on Monday night at about 7:15 p.m. in Beijing!  While a lot people have only two flights from the US, Dan one upped them and had three.  The whole voyage took him 28 hours.  Unfortunately, he had the middle seat between two sleepers on the long flight, which meant strategic bathroom planning.  Three babies within a three seat radius also scared him initially, but they were very well behaved most of the time.    All in all everything went smoothly, and flights ran pretty much on time.

On the outside, Dan had a rush of energy as he got off the plane.

On the inside, Dan's head was a bit fuzzy after a 12 hour time zone change.

Given that Tian had tutoring, I ventured to the airport to pick Dan up by myself.  Then we took a taxi back to our apartment.  It has been awesome to have him here, and his arrival really signaled that summer was upon us!

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