Officially Single

Don’t worry everyone.  Tian and I are still a couple.  But ironically before we can make that official this summer, I have to be declared officially single.  So during the afternoon on my birthday, Tian and I traveled to the US Embassy to get my “Marriage Eligibility Certificate,” which is basically a $30 notarized piece of paper where I declare I am not currently married to anyone else.

We couldn't take pictures at the embassy ourselves, so here is one from the internet. On Friday, the pool was drained and smelled bad.

In between jokes about the whole experience, the wider significance hit us too.  This was the first piece of what will soon become files of paperwork that it will take to get us married and living together in the US.  It also was only the first of many visits to the US Embassy.  Hopefully next time it will look like the picture above.

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