Birthday Boy

On Friday, I turned 28.  In China though I could have started saying my age was 28 as of January 1, as many people add a year right at the turn of the new calendar year.  Tian and I joke that depending on how we count birthdays at a given time, she could represent herself as 3 years older than me, even though she is technically only 10 months older.  The whole situation can make it difficult to know how to respond to the “How old are you?” question posed in the traditional birthday song.

Today was a nice day.  At work, my colleagues surprised me with a beautiful cake, which we all devoured after lunch.  They also gave me a pink birthday crown, which I proudly wore on my ride home, much to the embarrassment of Tian, who was riding along with me.

My birthday cake had lots of strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate siding. I was amazed at the attention to detail.

I rode home with my pink birthday crown and strategically ringing my bike bell to draw lots of attention to us.

After work, Tian and I got massages, ate one of my favorite home cooked noodle dishes, and watched a movie.  I woke up the next day to find a barrage of birthday wishes from my friends on facebook and in my inbox.  Thanks everyone!



  1. oh yeah…uhhhmm. happy birthday!! (belated of course) lol

  2. I love the crown wearing, and bell ringing…totally Jeff 🙂

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