Zěn Me Shuō “Nuptials"?

While some of you already know about our wedding plans and the wedding website we’ve put together, we also want to post it here to spread the word more broadly.  The site was a lot of fun to build, and we hope it helps give you a sense of how we are celebrating.

The site has our plans...

...and our stories.

Here is our note on the welcome page:

Since our engagement on October 23, 2009, we have enjoyed beginning to envision and build our future life together. We know that much excitement, both in the form of celebrations and challenges, lies ahead. As we begin this journey together, we are so thankful to have people like you – our family and friends – involved in our lives.

Marriage is always a joining of two worlds, and this fact is especially apparent for us given that one half of our new family is from China and the other from the United States. This cross-national relationship will bring many special gifts. It also will bring unique challenges. We eagerly anticipate both.

A wedding is only the starting point of a life together, but it is an important moment worthy of a special celebration. Because of our unique circumstances, our wedding will involve several different events over a longer period of time. We hope that you can join us for the one best for you and stay connected to all the others through our wedding website and blog.

Tian & Jeff

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