Monthly Archives: May 2010

Footwear & Tear

Dan arrived to Beijing with a pair of white Puma shoes.  We have been joking about what color they will be after a summer in China.  So we are going to do an unscientific experiment and compare his shoes at the beginning and end of his trip, even with him trying to keep them in […]

Middle Brother, Middle Seat

Dan, my middle brother, arrived on Monday night at about 7:15 p.m. in Beijing!  While a lot people have only two flights from the US, Dan one upped them and had three.  The whole voyage took him 28 hours.  Unfortunately, he had the middle seat between two sleepers on the long flight, which meant strategic […]

Officially Single

Don’t worry everyone.  Tian and I are still a couple.  But ironically before we can make that official this summer, I have to be declared officially single.  So during the afternoon on my birthday, Tian and I traveled to the US Embassy to get my “Marriage Eligibility Certificate,” which is basically a $30 notarized piece […]

Birthday Boy

On Friday, I turned 28.  In China though I could have started saying my age was 28 as of January 1, as many people add a year right at the turn of the new calendar year.  Tian and I joke that depending on how we count birthdays at a given time, she could represent herself […]

Many Hands Make…

…Hard Work.  It is fairly common in China to happen across a small army of people employed in very tedious and/or physically difficult work.  Often times, there is a disproportionate number of older people in this group. While in the US and many other western nations, these tasks have usually been automated, China still uses […]

Fragrant & Hot Marxism

If that phrase doesn’t get your mouth watering then I don’t know what will.  Recently, this restaurant in Shanghai has been made “famous” for this slogan by the New York Times, when the paper ran a story about the hilarity (and awkwardness) of Chinglish signs in Shanghai as part of its Expo. Given my past […]

Zěn Me Shuō “Nuptials"?

While some of you already know about our wedding plans and the wedding website we’ve put together, we also want to post it here to spread the word more broadly.  The site was a lot of fun to build, and we hope it helps give you a sense of how we are celebrating. Here is […]