Zěn Me Shuō “Delicious”?

Ok, so I already know that “delicious” in Chinese is “hao chi” (好吃), but it may as well be pronounced “re gan mian” (热干面).  Re gan mian is a special dish in Hubei Province that is as scrumptious to eat as it is simple to make.  Tian and her parents love it, and now I do too. 

After a night on the train, "re gan mian" with Tian's parents hit the spot.

After a night on the train, "re gan mian" hit the spot.

When we got off of the train in Xiaogan at 6:15 a.m., Tian’s parents whisked us away to their favorite street vendor of “re gan mian.”  Each morning, a small family sets up shop, which includes the stove, fixings, and a handful of red stools and card tables for eating.  While the mother cooked for customers, two kids helped by clearing dirty bowls and taking the money.

Tian's parents' favorite "Re Gan Mian" spot.

Tian's parents' favorite "Re Gan Mian" stand. They are regulars.

We ate “re gan mian” for breakfast for two days, and when I got back to Beijing on Monday I would have gone into withdrawal had it not been for my Beijing favorite “jian bing.”  I dreamed of finding a way to bring both specialities into the same place.  Then I realized that the local food specialties is actually one of the best parts about traveling China, and perhaps it’s better that way.  It will be there waiting when we go back this summer.


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  1. St. Paul needs such a stand. It would no doubt be very successful! but do we have anywhere with enough people flow? In the sky-way system?

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