Monthly Archives: April 2010

春天 Has Sprung!

After an uncharacteristically cold month of April, and after weeks of saying “I think we’ve turned the corner” only to be proven wrong, we are finally seeing signs that spring has sprung in Beijing.  The Tsinghua University campus also has started to transform from grey and gritty to green and glorious.  All winter I had no idea the […]

Plagiarism EXPO-sed

Recently it came to light that the Chinese Expo 2010 theme song was actually copied from a 1997 Japanese pop song.  The whole thing is a big embarrassment not just for the organizers but also for the myriad of stars, including Jackie Chan, who starred in the video.  My favorite site for this story is […]


After the earthquake that struck southwest China about a week ago, aftershocks of various kinds have been felt throughout the country.  Perhaps the most interesting one to me is that rumors have been circulating that another quake would strike Beijing imminently. The rumors have spread in many ways.  Text messages and posts to online forums, […]

Day of Silence

When tragedy strikes in the West, governments and civic groups often observe a moment of silence.  To remember those killed in the earthquake in Qinghai Province on the Tibetan Plateau last week, the Chinese established the entire day today as a day of mourning (哀悼).  The government made it impossible to miss this commemoration.  Flags […]

Errand Runners

After getting back to Xiaogan from the cemetery, we spent the remainder of our visit running errands (which was a true sign that I have moved past the introductory phase of my relationship with Tian’s parents) and having fun.  Below are pictures of some pictures of the rest of the weekend.

Qing Ming Jie

After successfully parking the car, the four of us walked about five minutes to the cemetery to visit Tian’s grandparents’ graves and pay our respects.  Unlike a US cemetery on Memorial Day, the atmosphere at Yan Deng Shan was very loud.  There was an incredible amount of noise, smoke, and foot traffic.  As we walked […]

Swerves Us Right

The main reason for our weekend visit to Xiaogan was to take part in Qing Ming Jie, which is when family members remember their ancestors and visit their graves in the cemetery.  Tian’s three grandparents who have passed away were cremated (like most Chinese after death) with their ashes buried in a cemetery called 烟灯山 […]