Zěn Me Shuō "TMI"?

It’s not that winter in Beijing is colder than winter in Minnesota.  It’s just that average person spends a lot more time in the elements here.  Whether it is the hour spent commuting on the bus each day, the 10 minute walk outside to and from the cafeteria for lunch, or the inconsistent heating in buildings, the cold just feels more omnipresent. 

To handle it, almost everyone lives in their long underwear for about four months.  Not only is it a layer for your working clothes, but it also is important at home.  I have learned that it is customary in a Chinese family to take off your “street” pants when you get home and just wear your long underwear around the house because it is just plain more comfortable. 

Long Underwear.  I'll spare you the personal picture this time and let these models do their job.

Long Underwear is critical in China. Here's a picture of Tian and I in ours.

In October, I purchased long underwear along with my winter coat, and it definitely was a good investment.  From mid-November through mid-March, I wore it continuously, minus breaks for washing (when I would wear my pajama pants instead). 

Monday was a big day though!  For the first time in 2010, Tian and I did not wear long underwear to work because we were finally becoming too hot.  I am taking that as the official sign that spring has arrived!   Hope this posting wasn’t TMI – too much information, but I promised earlier that my blog would be revealing.


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  1. Hurrah for TMI (as long as it’s not from my own children)!. I LOVE all the details that you share with us. Thanks, Jeff. This has been such an interesting blog. I read it faithfully and I have learned so much!

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