Phew…What a Week

As a rule, I prefer to take a constructive tone when blogging.  I have found that if a problem arises, rather than blog about it immediately, I usually can wait a couple days and things will work out.  At that point I can frame the issue from a less emotional and more constructive position.  Or in some cases, I can just move on to something more newsworthy.

At the same time, I want to balance this philosophy by not glossing over some of the challenges we encounter here.  So I thought I would share that this week has been a difficult one chez nous.  It seems as though every day has brought something new to deal with.  Fortunately some of the issues have been worked out, even while others are yet unresolved.  Anywhere, here is the quick rundown of our latest battles:

  1. At one of my part-time jobs, I had to assert myself on some issues related to promised work hours and payroll mistakes.  Happily, things have again been worked out.
  2. A couple of issues have arisen with my US house.  Unfortunately, this impacts my dad more than me, at least in time.  I’m sure things will work out, but only because he’s got my back.
  3. I found out Friday (just after signing a contract to do a second year with my school) that my school needs to leave its current building on campus and will have to find alternate arrangements for the next year possibly in another part of the city.  It was a shock to all, and it might mean having to add “look for an apartment in a new area” to our summer to-do list…that is if they decide the location by then.
  4. As anticipated, doing US taxes this year has been made more difficult because of the foreign earned income and physical presence paperwork.  Plus I’m trying to file them from the other side of the world.  Again, my dad has been very helpful.
  5. The Chinese have found and shut down our promising access point to Facebook and You Tube.  I’m bummed because I left a couple of conversations unfinished with friends.  I’m just hoping that the government doesn’t tamper with the US Google site this month.
  6. A couple other issues related to employment and housing that are best kept off the internet, at least for now.
  7. The icing on the cake is that the internet in our apartment has been working inconsistently especially in the evenings, which has kept us from one of our favorite forms of relaxation amidst some of the craziness.

While this has been a frustrating week, the bright spot is that Tian and I have been working well together.  It’s been comforting to know that we have each other’s back and can lean on each other.  And both of us have a “we can do it” attitude…at least most of the time.  And given that life will always be throwing tests our way, this week has been a good warm up.



  1. I hope the next week is better than the last! It’s great that you and Tian are working through it well together!

    I just saw a headline on BBC that Google stopped censoring in China, which could cause a confrontation with the authorities…booooo. So, enjoy the week of non-censored Google 🙂 and hopefully it won’t mean Google will be gone from China for good!

  2. So sorry for the headaches and frustrations. We have new understanding of Chinese culture as a result of our trip the past 11 days. Always was worth it for us, hope the same for both of you.

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