Monthly Archives: March 2010

Three Cheers for Chuan!

If I could have only two dishes to live on in China, the choice would be easy and I would be a very happy man.  My first choice by far would be jian bing, which is the delicious $0.30 pancake I eat almost daily for breakfast.  My second choice would easily be yang rou chuan […]

Zěn Me Shuō "TMI"?

It’s not that winter in Beijing is colder than winter in Minnesota.  It’s just that average person spends a lot more time in the elements here.  Whether it is the hour spent commuting on the bus each day, the 10 minute walk outside to and from the cafeteria for lunch, or the inconsistent heating in […]

A Breakthrough Moment

In my last post, I mentioned some of the challenges of the past week.  Luckily some wonderful news from back home really made it all better:  On its 10 p.m. news, Kare 11 ran a story about Breakthrough Saint Paul and three of the five students from our program that have won the amazing Jack […]

Phew…What a Week

As a rule, I prefer to take a constructive tone when blogging.  I have found that if a problem arises, rather than blog about it immediately, I usually can wait a couple days and things will work out.  At that point I can frame the issue from a less emotional and more constructive position.  Or […]

Traffic Jam Game Theory

You know a traffic jam is bad when you have enough time to contemplate how an economics principal you learned in college could be applied.  From what I remember of Econ 1001, game theory is all about predicting how people will act to maximize their own outcomes in a given situation.  It analyzes how those […]