Spotted: Enjoying a Guilty Pleasure

During the winter months here, it can get pretty cold, which makes going outside for entertainment a tough sell.  Instead, Tian and I often choose to hole up in our apartment after a long days work, hide beneath a comforter, and watch tv shows and movies online.  Our latest favorite series is Gossip Girl.  Yes, we admit, it’s a guilty pleasure.

For those of you not familiar with the show, the basic premise is that everyone on the show receives gossip via text messages from a mysterious source dubbed “Gossip Girl.”  In turn all of the characters tip “Gossip Girl” off by sending her all sorts of juicy rumors and incriminating photos, which usually bear the caption “Spotted…” 

Spotted:  Tian working inside her classroom.

Spotted: Tian working inside her classroom.

One day, I got off of work early, and I snuck over to visit Tian between classes.  But rather than just stop by, I took a cell phone picture of her and messaged it to her on her cell phone.  She was spotted, and came out of her classroom to find me laughing in the hallway.  Earlier in our relationship this might have been perceived as creepy, but given the recent marathon viewing sessions we’ve had of the show, it was just what the moment called for.  

If you haven’t seen the show, we recommend it if you have hours to waste on a guilty pleasure.


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  1. Sarah Gough · ·

    That is an addicting show, albeit silly. The question is, who is Gossip Girl? I haven’t watched the last season at all. Have you watched Mad Men at all? Another interesting and addicting show.

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