Trading Spaces

Over the winter break, two of our friends, Li and Jian Guang, stopped by for dinner in Beijing.  Both of them grew up in China, and for the past 15 years they have lived and worked in the United States.  We all found the circumstances of our evening out entertaining because Tian and I first met and became friends with them in the US.  And now here they were visiting with us in China.  This was a true trading spaces moment brought to you by globalization.  

We met up on a blisteringly cold night, so we decided to eat a steaming “Hot Pot” dinner.  It was the perfect setting for catching up and staying warm.  As often happens, we forgot to take a picture before dinner when the table is full, but here we are!

Hot Pot on a Cold Night

Hot Pot on a Cold Night

As we walked to the restaurant, Jian Guang remarked about how much the area had changed since he attended Tsinghua University in the early 1990’s.  None of the business buildings or high rise apartments that now define the neighborhood skyline were there.  It really hit me then how much China has changed and also how quickly.


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  1. I rarely comment. I just want to share with you how much I have appreciated these glimpses into your Chinese life. You are involved in such an adventure which will mark you forever. I am envious but also full of respect for the huge effort which such an endeavor involves. Ah love! Where it will lead us!

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