Monthly Archives: January 2010

Google It? Maybe not from China.

This past week Google revealed that it may pull out of China.  The main reason it cited was a serious cyber-attack on its networks and users’ gmail accounts that originated somewhere in mainland China.  The company also said it would no longer censor search results for the Chinese government, a task, which besides being contrary […]

That's a Wrap…

The first semester at Tsinghua University’s Academic Bridge Program came to a close last week with final exams and lots of grading.  Despite long to do lists, students and teachers were excited to be finishing up with work and having nearly a month off.  I am too. To celebrate, I would like to share some […]

Does It Bother You?

Tian and I awoke this Sunday morning at 9:15 to the sounds of buzz saws and hammers from the apartment directly above ours.  The vibrations reverberated through our entire apartment ruining a relaxing morning and making it difficult to do anything at all.  At first we did our best to ignore it.  My dad’s famous […]

Trading Spaces

Over the winter break, two of our friends, Li and Jian Guang, stopped by for dinner in Beijing.  Both of them grew up in China, and for the past 15 years they have lived and worked in the United States.  We all found the circumstances of our evening out entertaining because Tian and I first […]

Happy New Decade

Tian and I brought in the New Year and the New Decade together at “The Park Restaurant”, where our friend Chris plays in a band on Thursday nights.  We met a group of people there and had a nice time socializing over a late dinner and drinks.  Then the music started, and we hit the small dance […]

Christmas Isn't Always Merry

During the Christmas season in Beijing, we came across some sites that were not always merry.  We thought we would share a darker side of Christmas with you in these photos.

The ABP's of Christmas

In addition to the lobby decorations, the students at Tsinghua’s Academic Bridge Program (ABP)  put on a Christmas talent show.  Much to the amusement of the student body, the teachers led off by singing some Christmas carols.  Then students performed songs, dances, poems, and games.  Most of the teachers agreed that it was fun to see […]