Making Headlines

Ok.  So maybe I’m not making headlines yet, but recently I was interviewed for an article in the Beijing Review, the only magazine published nationally in China in English. 

The article is entitled “Land of Expat Opportunity,” and as you might expect, it is all about expats living in China.  When the reporter called me, she just wanted to know my story and get a glimpse into my teaching position.  Even though the article does not mention me until the last paragraph, it’s all good.  At least I made the final edit!

I could not attach a PDF copy of the article because of file size restrictions in WordPress.  So if you want to read the entire article, you have two choices:  1) Read it online, or 2) click on the images below for page 1 and page 2 (this could be pretty slow).  If those options fail, you can also just read the excerpt that mentions me.  I’ve pasted it below the pictures. 

Page 1 of the "Beijing Review" Article.  Click to see the JPG.

Page 1 of the "Beijing Review" Article. Click the picture to see image up close.

Page 2 of the "Beijing Review" Article.  Click the picture to see the image up close.

Page 2 of the "Beijing Review" Article. Click the picture to see the image up close.

Here’s the excerpt:

Six months ago, after five years of directing an academic enrichment program and teaching social studies at a private school, American middle school teacher Jeff Ochs decided to move back to China with his Chinese fiancée.  After an American friend introduced him to a university in Beijing, Jeff applied and was offered a job.  He now teaches academic writing, academic communication, and critical thinking to Chinese students preparing to study abroad in English-speaking countries. 

“The job fits my skills, and I enjoy this program,” Ochs said.  “I teach classes for 20 hours a week and provide 10 additional office hours.  I spend almost four hours with the same class each week, allowing me to get to know my students better.  I’ve heard this is different from many university teaching jobs in China.”

So that’s my story!  No headlines yet, but perhaps that’s ok.  Given the recent news about Liu Xiaobo, it’s probably for the best that I stay off of the front page.

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