"Zai China" Turns 100!

"Zi(4)" means "character" in Chinese.

"Zi(4)" means "character."

Today is a landmark day in my blog’s life.  Please help celebrate the 100th posting on “Zai China” by doing something “meta” today.  For those of you who need the reminder, “meta” is anything that references itself.  For example, I just posted a 100th blog posting about the fact that this is the 100th blog posting.  

And as if that wasn’t enough, I have even found another great example of “meta” here in China that I want to share with you.  One of the students at school showed up with this jacket and I just about offered him money for it.  It was very very cool.  I tried to explain why I was so enthralled, but I think he left our conversation a bit confused about why the foreign teacher wanted a picture of his jacket.

This is the coolest jacket I have ever seen.  I want one.  Meta represent!

This is the coolest jacket I have ever seen. Meta represent!

It goes to show you that “meta” is a universal truth found in all corners of the earth.  Perhaps that’s the secret to world peace.  You heard it here first. 



  1. First of all, fantastic and touche!

    Second, you’ll be proud to know that I am part of a seven-person team that co-authors a small column in our school newspaper, and we most recently wrote about the column itself! Cheers to meta!

    Also, I was looking at an Education grad school that first referenced “teaching to teach”. I was excited at first, and then I saw that they follow a “Teachers Teaching Teachers” model, and I couldn’t help but think they were just a little off…

  2. Two friends have helped celebrate with meta-liciousness:

    1. A song about skyways sung in a skyway. http://blogs.citypages.com/gimmenoise/2009/12/jeremy_messersm_6.php

    2. A page with a link to more links on an SPPS Elementary School website.

    Thanks, friends!

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