Monthly Archives: November 2009

"Zai China" Turns 100!

Today is a landmark day in my blog’s life.  Please help celebrate the 100th posting on “Zai China” by doing something “meta” today.  For those of you who need the reminder, “meta” is anything that references itself.  For example, I just posted a 100th blog posting about the fact that this is the 100th blog […]

Team Building – Chinese Style

Three days after I re-injured my knee, the faculty and staff at my school went on a mandatory team building trip over the weekend at a hotel about one hour outside of the city.  We left after school by bus on Friday and returned late Sunday morning.  Given that most of us found out about […]

Let There Be Soap…

About two weeks ago, concern over H1N1 reached a peak in Beijing.  While Tian’s school staff was offered vaccines, our staff got only a low-budget email giving common sense advice for how to avoid it.  On the list were things like sneeze into your sleeve, don’t shake hands with sick people, and don’t come to […]

Hierarchy of Knee-ds

As some of you already know, about three weeks ago I re-injured my knee.  I wish there was some great story attached to it.  Really though it happened while I was playing (are you ready for this?) badminton.  That’s right.  I am nursing a badminton injury.  Here’s the story. I know what many of you […]

Obama Zai China

As you may have heard, these past few days President Obama has been in China.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t to visit Tian and me (his aides told us that his agenda has been a very busy one).  From all the stories on the news, it sounds like that’s been the case.  Anyway, if you haven’t followed […]

Beijingle Bells

In the past two weeks Beijing has seen unusually early and copious snowfall.  The latest was on Tuesday this week when about 4-5 inches of accumulated snow arrived just in time to wreak havoc on the morning commute.  Buses got stuck and pedestrians slipped and slid to their destinations.  It was no fun for anyone, but given […]